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Alliance Capital Group, LLC is a private money lender that seeks out positions of joint venture and equity participation in projects considered worthy for consideration. In today’s global economy, projects considered may be domestic or international.

In 2011, Alliance Capital Group, LLC was able to shed itself of bank lines of credit related to inventory sale for one of its clients, in favor of self-funding. Today, we have partnerships with companies working globally in London, Switzerland, Dubai, Seoul, Hong Kong, and Australia. Products and Services include partnerships with industrial suppliers to industry and the military.

Alliance Capital Group, LLC is currently involved in projects in Pennsylvania, Florida, Kentucky, Texas, Colorado, Montana, Wyoming and Arizona. The diversity of our company portfolio permits investment in commercial and residential real estate. But, the core of our existence is in assisting the small businessman in bringing his company’s goals to fruition via design, manufacturing and distribution of products to the end user.

In this, if you choose Alliance as a funding partner, we use our resources and global contacts to enhance your ability to move from the small time to leadership in your respective industry.

Recent Investment Partnerships

  • Real Estate

Real Estate

Many people also find themselves displaced in terms of home ownership. The ability to find that place called “home” is a long ways off to many.

We have therefore provided funding for smaller companies looking to renovate older homes in established neighborhoods. […]

  • Aviation Innovation

Aviation Innovation

Imagine what life would be like if you came up with an idea that could revolutionize an industry.
Airline dampners are kind of like a shock absorber for helicopters and airplanes alike. The failure rate in equipment is massive when temperature and terrain are included in the equation. […]

  • Military Goods

Military Goods

The military enjoys being able to pick and choose what products will be used by millions of service personnel world-wide. Occasionally, there are support products that cannot be dismissed when our service men and women go into harms way.
Alliance Capital Group, LLC provides necessary working capital to bring those goods to market. […]

  • Automotive


A few years back, we funded a series of automotive dealerships. When the decline of the auto industry had many close its doors, these dealerships remained open, their franchises intact. They needed capital to regroup, maintaining a solid selection of newer used cares. In this, a secondary market was born. […]